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  The materials at this site are from many sources.  Where the author or photographer is known, his or her name will be listed.  The vast majority of the photos were taken by Clifton G. Furedy, between 1962 and 1968.  Recent photos were taken in December 2001. 

Old photos are from original photographic prints and have been digitally scanned in 8" x 10" JPG format.  The original scans vary in size from 2 to 20 Megabytes. 

Recent photos are from original digital photographs taken with a Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-S85.  The original files are 1600x1200 resolution and stored in JPG format.  Typical image size is about 800 Kilobytes. 

All the images on this site have been reduced to between 20 and 100 Kilobytes for faster downloading.  They look fine on the monitor, but when printed, will not contain all the definition of the original. 

If you would like copies of the original digital or scanned images, just drop me an E-mail and I will snail-mail you a copy of all the images on a CD-ROM disk.  Please include your USPS mailing address. 

All materials at this web site or provided on CD-ROM disk are for the personal, non-commercial use of present or past members of Westminster Presbyterian Church.  Duplication, publication, commercial or compensated use is strictly prohibited without express written permission. 

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