Westminster Presbyterian Church
  This site and the many photos here are dedicated to the vision of Rev. George W. Cole, founding minister of Westminster Presbyterian Church, the charter members who began this church on December 9, 1951, and the hundreds of children who have grown up with this church as a foundation for their everyday lives.  Rev. Cole believed that one of the most critical elements of a church is Christian Education.  Bricks and mortar are optional, but bringing the story of Jesus Christ to the children is fundamental to an adult life of Christian discipleship.  For that purpose, Westminster expanded it's classroom space in the early 60's to provide facilities that would support and promote Christian Education for all ages. 

I am a product of that vision, as are many of the people I considered my friends as I progressed through grade school, high school and finally college.  Westminster provided an unequaled social setting for youth to learn about the Bible, our church, our relationship with God and other people our age.  Hollywood movies suggest that high school is the center of a teenagers universe, but for me it was Westminster.  Whether it was Sunday School, the regular church service, Sunday evening youth fellowship, occasional Saturday activities or parties, summer fun on Wednesday nights or even weekly Boy Scout meetings and camping trips, my life was centered on Westminster.  It has served me very well throughout the past 50 years as I navigated a world filled with opportunities for both good and evil. 

As I look at these photos and remember the events they recorded, I am continually reminded how blessed all of us have been.  We did not earn and have done nothing to deserve the wonderful lives we live.  It is a gift to us by the grace of God.  We were raised by loving, supportive parents, in safe homes with plenty to eat.  Nor did we lack for clothing or education or cars or practically anything we needed.  How is it that we live is such abundance while others in the world are so less fortunate?  The only answer is God's grace. 

Now it is up to us.  Whether we are the "youth" of 50 years ago, the elders who were our mentors or the youth of today.  We must continue the vision of Westminster Presbyterian Church, where ever we may be, to teach and to demonstrate, the promise of God through his Son, Jesus Christ. 

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.
   John 3:16
Clifton G. Furedy 
December 2001

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