Small Owners Donate Space
To Help Small Church Grow
By Virginia Everett 
(An article from a Phoenix, Arizona newspaper, about 1952)
       Washing machines, radios, and TV sets are all part of Sunday morning worship at Westminster Presbyterian Church. 

     The church, which is a former store building at 4123 North 19th Ave., is one of Phoenix's newest and smallest.  Although still in miniature stage, membership has jumped from 8 persons to 74 since it was organized last year. 

     "Our largest Sunday school class with 145 attending was held last week," the pastor, the Rev. George W. Cole said. 

     "I was surprised people would come to a setup like this," the young minister stated. 

     Next door to the wooden sign announcing the place of worship is a radio shop--- and next to that is the Northwest Home Laundry.  The owners are members of the congregation and on Sunday mornings their stores are used for church activities. 

     Children go through the laundry breezeway--- past a sign that says: "Help Your Self, Rough Dry and Wet Wash" ---and begin classes.  Washing machines are pushed aside as the youngsters read their Bible stories. 

     The "creepers, crawlers, and nursery" meets in the corner by the cashier's desk.  Parents attending services can set up play pens and leave the children in the care of Mrs. Richard Ross, who is a registered nurse. 

     Accompanied by display cards of TV artists, the primary grade students hold their classes in the radio shop.  Any mishaps?  The pastor says: "We keep our fingers crossed that someone doesn't fall over a TV set but so far--- not even a scratch." 

     Some of the older children meet in the garage behind the stores where they sit on automobile running boards and benches made from plywood panels and orange crates. 

     "We do everything we can to save money," the preacher commented.  "All the folks have been cooperative--- otherwise it would be impossible to go on," he said. 

     Clearing things away after services is taken care of by the men, who serve as janitors, in the pioneering project. 

     Bulletins are printed by one of the members and another donated a stove.  "What we need most of all is a piano player," the pastor announced. 


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